Disasters Affect the Children

Every year Bangladesh faces natural disasters such as heavy flooding, tornados and cyclones which cause homelessness and displacement of millions of  people as well as death. During emergencies, traditional care arrangements are not functioning well and weakened  due to the breakdown  of family and  social  structures. Due to natural disasters children become more vulnerable, facing higher risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation, including further family separation, migration and trafficking. 

The UNCRC reported that disasters adversely affect all aspects of children’s daily life. Children’s rights to survival, to protection, to clean water, sanitation, food, health and education remain in serious threat due to disasters. Infants, young children, and pregnant and lactating women are vulnerable to malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies. Due to disaster they cannot find balance diet. It is observed that children are in more vulnerable situation in every disaster. A number of children drowned as a result of swimming in flood areas every year. Most of the people who died and/or injured during the Cyclones were women and children (CDRRAP 2010).