Effects of Child Marriage

Once the child marriage was compulsory in Bangladesh but the  practice of child marriage has decreased over the last 30 years, and it remains common in rural areas  and  urban slums,  especially among  the  poor.  Parents  of  girls  support  early marriage due  to financially  beneficial for her  family and  she remains  no  longer a financial burden, and  the  marriage of a younger  daughter often  requires a  smaller dowry than the marriage of an older daughter in Bangladesh. A girl as young as 12 years of age is eligible for marriage and a man very eager to marry such a girl without dowry  and  the  parents  of  the  girl  take  this  opportunity.  Sometimes  traffickers marriage a young girl without dowry and later sell her in the brothel or traffic her in other  countries.  Child  brides  are  often  exposed  to  serious  health  risks  such  as premature pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (UNICEF 2009). 

 Early marriage of both girls and boys is a violation of child rights. Most of the parents are not aware about the negative impact of early marriage and parents do not hesitate to arrange early marriage.