Worst Form Of Child Labor

He worst form of child labor (WFCL) or hazardous work is a  common situation  in  Bangladesh  and  the  employers  find no  punishment  for  engaging  the children in these types of works. Hazardous works includes all the works are done by children which are hazardous either by the nature of the work itself, such as work with aggressive chemicals or sharp tools. 

Work in restricted conditions or under poor lighting, or work at night. The unconditional WFCL includes the most abusive and damaging, such as trafficking, forced or bonded labor, child soldiers, use of children in prostitution or Pornography etc.

The National Child Labor Survey estimated that about 1.3 million children were  engaged  in  hazardous works. The  worst forms  of child labor  in Bangladesh include  child  domestic  work,  commercial  sexual  exploitation,  waste  picking, employment in construction, bidi (cheap rate cigarettes) and match factories, hotels, restaurants,  brickyards,  and  workshops  for  welding,  automobile  repair,  lathe operations, the repair of electrical appliances, tannery, battery shops, helpers in buses and tempos, porter and rickshaw  pulling.